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Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy was born in 1950 and raised in Limerick, Ireland. The date of his death has not yet been determined. Eager to escape the realities of his Irish upbringing and Jesuit education, at nineteen, he talked his way onto a Dutch vessel in Dunmore East and worked his passage to Holland. He then joined the Dutch fishing fleet in the North Sea.


The Longfellah's Son: An Almost True Irish Story

Murphy was a child of the newly emerging 1950’s Irish middle class. He was raised in the environment of a conflicted marriage that never should have happened.

More Almost True Irish Stories

Although rarely mentioning Murphy by name, this sequel to The Longfellah’s Son: An Almost True Irish Story, mainly focuses on the author’s life after leaving Ireland. 

Outside Looking In

This book is taken from the author's regular column at the multi-award winning newspaper, the Dumaguete MetroPost. 


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“The Longfellah’s Son by Michael Cassidy is the new Angela’s Ashes, only about a better-off Irish son who blows his privileges, in a funny, fast-paced nakedly honest memoir. The writing is superb!”


National best-selling author of Hold Me Close, Let Me Go, and Naked, Drunk and Writing

“Rarely have I come across a more powerful record of the debilitating effect of sustained drunkenness on the physical, mental, and moral health of a human being. In its searing portrait of the dead-eyed, relentless, self-gratification that drives addictive behavior, few such memoirs compare with the brutal impact of The Longfellah’s Son: An Almost True Irish Story by Michael Cassidy.”


W.B. Yeats Scholar, Critic, Winship Professor Emeritus of the Arts and Humanities at Emory University Atlanta, GA, USA

“Cassidy writes as only the Irish can, entwining lyrical beauty with brutal honesty. Young Murphy, born into a wealthy Limerick family, at first sees the world and its inequities through a puzzled child’s innocent eyes. Then we watch as he grows into a rebellious and sometimes lost young man. For me, The Longfellah’s Son is a true visit to Ireland allowing the reader to experience both this beautiful country’s magic and the pain regardless of one’s strata.”


Author of Caravan to Armageddon, Amber Dust, and Remember to Remember

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Having lived in many countries on several continents, and finally settling in the Philippines. Irish author Michael Cassidy looks with profound interest, and occasional bewilderment, at life in his adopted country. The entertaining and insightful stories in his newspaper column contain life lessons for any expat who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of Philippine life. It also provides Filipinos with a unique viewpoint on how they are viewed from an outsider’s perspective.

Alex Rey Pal

Publisher , Dumaguete Metro Post

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Michael Cassidy reflects on the few years he spent with his daughter, Sunshine.  Although she is not his biological daughter, she has undoubtedly impacted his life in more ways than one. facebooktwitterinstagramyoutube

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