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Michael Cassidy was born in 1950 and raised in Limerick, Ireland. The date of his death has not yet been determined. Eager to escape the realities of his Irish upbringing and Jesuit education, at nineteen, he talked his way onto a Dutch vessel in Dunmore East and worked his passage to Holland. He then joined the Dutch fishing fleet in the North Sea.

He has spent his life traveling and experiencing new cultures. Apart from Ireland and Holland, he has lived in Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, and Brazil. Cassidy presently lives in the Philippines. It’s there he is a faculty member at a prominent university where he teaches both undergraduate and post graduate students. 

In September 2018 he embarked on a round the world trip that provided the fulfillment of a life long dream by sailing on a hundred year old Dutch sailing ship from Europe, across the Atlantic then down the east coast of South America to Montevideo, Uruguay. He returned to the Philippines after a three month adventure.

His life experiences, many of which are shared in The Longfellah’s Son: An Almost True Irish Story, include being a failed but eventually successful father, a permanently unsuitable husband, a homeless street person, a hopeless drunk but subsequently a non-drinker, an uninterested insurance clerk, an incompetent deckhand, a decent stage actor, a dish washer, waiter, bartender, then restaurant owner, a non-practicing attorney, a newspaper owner and publisher, a TV presenter, a movie producer, a good friend, a bad enemy, a failed then successful businessman.

He has been a journalist with the multi award winning newspaper Dumaguete MetroPost. His column OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, which discusses a foreigner’s view of life in the Philippines, is published twice monthly. Articles selected from his column will be included in his book that will be published in 2022.


The Longfellah's Son: An Almost True Irish Story

Murphy was a child of the newly emerging 1950’s Irish middle class. He was raised in the environment of a conflicted marriage that never should have happened.

More Almost True Irish Stories

Although rarely mentioning Murphy by name, this sequel to The Longfellah’s Son: An Almost True Irish Story, mainly focuses on the author’s life after leaving Ireland. 

Outside Looking In

This book is taken from the author's regular column at the multi-award winning newspaper, the Dumaguete MetroPost. 

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