Recommended Readings

Contemporary Irish Writers

COLM Tóibín

Born in 1955 in Enniscorthy, Colm is probably the best know contemporary Irish writer and possibly the most complex with this wide narrative range. It’s easier to say what he does not do creatively than what he does. He’s a novelist, a short story writer, a journalist, a playwright, a critic, and a poet.

His twelve books have a diversity of topics that range from the mother of Jesus Christ, (The Testimony of Mary) to Greet tragedy, (House of Names) to a young Irish girl emigrating to America. (Brooklyn)

Begin with any of these treasures. You will be deeply satisfied whichever book you select.

All of his work is extraordinary. I usually hesitate to use that often casually used word “great”, but it would not be out of place for this giant of twenty first century literature.