Recommended Readings

Contemporary Irish Writers


She was born in Dublin in 1969. Apart from being a novelist, she is also a screenwriter, literary historian, and playwright. Her 2010 novel ROOM was an international best seller and finalist for the Man Booker award. It has sold over two million copies.

In ROOM, you will hear the voice of five year old Jack who lives with his mother in a single room. He has never been outside the confines of that room. Then, at age five, he begins to ask questions. His mother reveals there is a world outside the room. In less skilled hands, this premise could quickly implode but Donoghue transforms the lives of the two loners into meaningful interactions between the lost twosome. In typically Irish fashion, the writing is always meaningful. It sounds like a perfectly written musical score.

Some of Donoghue’s other books you may want to read include The Wonder, The Sealed Letter, and Landing.