Recommended Readings

Writers who have impacted my understanding about Ireland and being Irish


By any measurable standards, Walter Macken was a remarkable man. He was already an accomplished stage actor before professionally taking up writing. He acted at the Abbey in Dublin and on Broadway. He was also a playwright, movie actor, and an author of children’s books. Unfortunately he died at fifty two.

If you want to get an insight into Irish character and how history forged us into who we have become, please get Mackens historical trilogy. It begins with Seek the Fair Land. Then follows The Silent People, and The Scorching Earth.

Seek the Fair Land occurs during the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland. Dominick McMahon survives the massacre of civilians in Drogheda and after two years of evading Cromwell’s men finds some level of safety in the beautiful but barren land in the west of Ireland. But even there Cromwell’s dark shadow is omnipresent.

Begin with reading Seek the Fair Land. You will not be disappointed. It will whet your appetite for the remaining two books in this important historical trilogy.